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Bowl and Bone Deli Bowl


Does your pup like to spend time in the kitchen counting on a gourmet meal to appear in his bowl? Remember that his bowl has a very special meaning to your dog – it brings to mind pleasure!

We know that your pup’s happiness is of the utmost importance to you, and the arrangement of your home has huge meaning. This is why you should give your dog a Bowl&Bone Republic bowl that will superbly blend into the design of your home. Handmade from natural wood, it is elegant, stylish, and functional all at once, meeting the demands and expectations of the most demanding dogs and their owners. The Bowl&Bone Republic DELI bowl can be used as a feeder for wet or dry food and water. The metal fillings are made from stainless steel, which makes them easy to wash (also in the dishwasher) and keep clean. The bowl has silicone suctions keeping it in place so it doesn’t slip around the floor. With a Bowl&Bone Republic bowl you can guarantee your dog the comfort of eating and every meal will be more tasty than ever before!

Size: 51cm x 25cm x 16cm, diameter 18cm, 2 x 1,8 L

NOTE! Our wooden bowls are hand-made, thanks to which each of them is unique

Shown in colour Chestnut

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