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Bowl and Bone Chill Mat


Every dog has his favorite spot at home – a space where he feels safe and secure. When a pup has a couple of such spots, the CHILL mat from Bowl&Bone Republic will be a great alternative to his main bed. It’s an excellent choice for those dog owners who want their pet to rest comfortably on the terrace, balcony, or in a new, unknown place. It also makes a stylish addition to your home.

A mat from Bowl&Bone Republic is not just the highest quality finish and modern design – it is your dog’s comfort above all. The filling is an orthopedic, hypoallergenic foam that’s very durable and resistant to deformation, ensuring your pet’s comfortable and healthy rest.Our mat will become your dog’s favourite gadget whether it’s at home, while travelling, or outdoors.Bowl&Bone Republic mats are the best choice for both young pups looking for their comfort zone and mature dogs who require special care due to old-age problems such as joint pain. The cover features a sewed-in zipper which makes the filling easily removable. The case can be hand washed or machine washed at 30°C.To maintain the highest quality of the mattress do not use with chlorine or dry clean. Always remember to hang the mattress after washing so it can dry thoroughly.

Sizes: S– 70cm x 50cm x 5cm; M– 80cm x 60cm x 5cm; L– 100cm x 70cm x 5cm

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