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Our Dog Walking & Boarding Services

Pooka's Pooch Trails offers a range of services which work around you. If you are:

  • Staying away for a night

  • Out at work

  • A long day away from home

  • At a wedding or party

  • Having friends over

  • Moving house

  • Going away on holiday

 Dog Walking

Pookas Pooch Trails could provided the services you need.

We cover Cheshire and North Shropshire.

No matter how often you require your dog to be walked during the day we can fit to your requirements, with our walks lasting from half an hour to an hour.

Dogs can picked up from your house and driven into the Cheshire / Shropshire country side, or walked from your door.

Home Visits

To care for dogs from the very young to the old, this is the perfect way to keep their routine.

Your pet can be visited as often as you require. The visit will allow time for replenishing food and water, toilet time, and play time.

 Also included in this service is collecting any post or papers, bringing in milk, watering plants, putting bins in or out, switching lights on or off, opening or closing curtains. Anything you require to give your house that lived in feeling - perfect for when you're on holiday!

Puppy Visits

Raising a puppy can be difficult at the best of times especially if you have other commitments. 

 We can take the worry away by visiting your puppy. We can stick to your routine for feeding as well as doing toilet time, play time and giving plenty of cuddles.

Dog Boarding

If your staying away just for the night or going away on holiday we can look after your pooch in the comfort and safety of our own home. 

You can rest assured that our house is dog safe thanks to our own family pets Isla and Spencer.

We can also provide day care at our house for those long days at work or whatever the occasion, if you would prefer them to be cared for by us instead of doing a home visit.

Dog Walking & Dog Service Rates

As you all know I haven’t updated my price list in nearly five years now. However to keep in line with other boarding establishments in the area and to reflect our five star rating from the council I will be making some changes.

 Please find below my new price list for overnight boarding and day care. This will commence from the start of the new tax year (6th April 2020) and will not affect any current booking only NEW bookings after this date. As some of you already know I will also no longer be doing solo walks due to a change in personal circumstances.


Dog Walking & Dog Service Rates

Dog Walking:

  • 30 minute walk - £7.50
  • 1 hour walk - £10
  • Additional dog from same family - an extra £2.50 for half hour and £5 for an hour.

Homes Visits:

  • £6.50 per visit 


  • £25 per night
  • Additional dog from same family - £10 extra

 Puppy Visit:

  • 15 - 30 minute visit(dependant on how much there is too clean up) - playtime, feeding, toilet time and small walk if required (they will need to be up to date on their vaccines). £6.50 per visit

 Day Boarding:

  • £15 per day- this will include two 1/2 hour walks or an hour
  • Additional dog from the same family – an extra £5


Payment Options

We accept cash, cheques, or direct bank transfer.

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