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About us

Hello, I'm Vicky, founder of Pooka's Pooch Trails. My kids however will tell you they actually came up with the name as Pooka is the nickname they have for our own beloved pooch Isla.

 I have lived in Cheshire since 2012 and before I lived in Yorkshire looking after my mums working Cocker Spaniel Alfie and Bertie a rescue dog. 

 Alfie was the reason for me getting into dog walking. On the many miles I used to walk him to help use up some of his boundless energy I decided to make a career of dog walking. I became passionate about providing the same care and attention for other people's dogs that I had for my own. 

 I have worked with dogs and puppies all my life thanks to my family having a love for our four legged friends.

While doing the dog walking my clients would ask me where can I get really nice beds, bowl, accessories etc for my pooch and it became clear there was a need for someone to provide these luxury items. I also spoil my dogs rotten and was in a very similar situation. So we decided to expand the Pooka brand and became passionate about sourcing quality, luxury items for our most beloved four legged friends.