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Welcome to the Luxury World of Travel with your Pooch!!!

This will be the first of many blogs on luxury travel with your four-legged friend!

I like most owners who love their dogs struggle on where to go abroad when I want to take my furry faithful’s along for the ride. So far Harry (my husband) and I have travelled extensively across France with our two Isla and Spencer who are the resident Pooka's Pooch Trails pups. 

We have had Isla since a pup and I was lucky enough through my work to end up with Spencer. Spencer arrived a couple of months before Harry and I were due to go on our honeymoon and chaos ensued to get his pet passport and injections up to date, as well as making sure our hotels would allow him to stay.... the last thing you need when you’re probably a bit of a bridezilla putting the finishing touches to your wedding!

I will cover more on our luxury honeymoon hotels in later blogs but I want to start at the very beginning with the first holiday Harry and I took with Isla when she was six months old. This I will cover in the next blog as this is more of an introduction really.

So, the plan is to write a blog a week which Princess Pookie (Isla) will discuss on her #Takeoverthursday posts which she does every Thursday on her facebook page. She shares her thoughts for the week while 'Mummy aka the dog walker' posts pictures of what her and her friends get up to on their walks. I will hopefully write the helpful information on the locations of where to go with your pooch, then Isla and Spencer will give their pawsome rating with one paw being the lowest and rating of ten paws being the highest!

We hope you will enjoy the PPT adventure into luxury travel as it is something I am quite passionate about spending months researching places to take my two without compromising on the human comforts.

Until next week,

Licks and Cuddles

Vicky and the Fur Babies


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