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La Maison Fleurie - Cahors Part 1 - Trip to a French Hospital

So, we found ourselves looking for another self-catering holiday in France. Eager to hopefully not recreate Harrys unfortunate incident with being scammed the first time, I took to google and looked for recommended self-catering providers.

We ended up using a company called Vintage Travels who aren't super luxury but provide very lovely self-catering properties across Europe. We had been wanting to go to the Lot et Garonne for a while to look at the Bastides, wine country and do some of the beautiful walks. Again, we made the eight-hour drive down to La Theze a very small unassuming cluster of buildings in the middle of nowhere. I must say I was just a little bit creeped out arriving late at night and driving through the horror film woods to get to the beautiful little gite. The gite was very unassuming but had a lovely pool backing out onto fields. If you have dogs that roam and don’t come back when called this is not the place for them as there are no fences.


The downstairs living was very open plan with a kitchen perfect for cooking the food we had purchased from the market in Cahors and it had lovely big windows that you could open and look out over the beautiful surrounding farmland. We didn’t spend much time on the sofa or using the huge fireplace as we were there during summer and made full use of the summer kitchen that was next to the pool. There is Wi-Fi at the property but it can only be used inside. Underneath the property there is lots of spare garden furniture as well as a washing machine. All drying of clothes is done by wind power out on the line. Upstairs the sleeping space is very cramped with a double bedroom, very small bathroom and a twin bedroom. There is no air conditioning or fans so if you are going in summer I would suggest investing in a fan.

We spent a lot of the time down by the pool which was glorious as it was just so hot. They have a summer kitchen which is in one of the out buildings which has everything you would have in a normal kitchen plus sofa, table, chairs and a loo which is always useful so you’re not running back and forth to the house all day.

During the day, we also did a lot of visits to the local bastide towns and markets where we found the beautiful bastide of Monpazier. It has the most delightful square to sit in and watch the world go by as well as the restaurant Bistro 2 which is owned by the same couple who run the hotel Edward 1er that has a fantastic Michelin starred restaurant. So, on our second to last night we decided to go and have dinner at Bistro 2 which was fantastic and they even gave some treats to Isla. We had the four-course tasting menu with the matching wine menu so it was safe to say we both felt stuffed on the way home.

Unfortunately for poor Harry he tossed and turned all night and became quite poorly. He had been complaining of pains round his tummy for the whole of our stay but we thought nothing of it and put it down to all the rich food and drink. So here we are on the last day of our holiday and decided to take a trip to the hospital in Cahors to make sure everything was ok. It was a brand-new hospital and I have to say the speed with which they dealt with Harry was incredible in the emergency room. I had to stay in the waiting room and I was there for about an hour before I could go through and see Harry who by now was attached to a drip and on a hospital bed waiting to go for a scan. It turned out he had quite severe appendicitis and had to have his appendix taken out that evening. This was not the way we wanted to end our holiday!

I will continue the rest of the story in part two of this blog as we had to stay on an extra week but it meant I found a charming B&B and got to spend some time bonding with my mother in law who thankfully flew out to help.

So, onto the ratings! I would give the gite a 6 out of 10. It was fantastic as far as self-catering goes but it would have been made better with air conditioning. There is also nothing in La Theze apart from a few more buildings and you really are very remote. You have to drive for at least half an hour before you get to anywhere with a supermarket or restaurants and lots of driving makes a holiday a little bit less relaxing.

Isla says she would give it a pawsome rating of 6 out of 10 also. She loved having all the space to run around in and while she likes being in the car she got a bit fed up of having to be in it all the time with us. She also said the steps were quite steep and she is only small which also means that this gite would not be suitable for people who need easy access.

Until next time,

Licks and Cuddles,

Vicky and Fur Babies







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